The New Trend In San Antonio Home Sales: Rent To Own

Selling property utilizing a rent to own agreement is growing increasingly popular with homeowners in the San Antonio area! The process is underutilized and can be beneficial for both the seller and buyer when structured correctly. Learn more about how to do it in our most recent post! Even though a rent to own sale … Continued

Own Your First Rental in San Antonio: A Checklist

Are you contemplating purchasing your first rental property? Being a landlord can be a difficult experience. There are numerous things to keep track of, and one mistake can cost you. In our most recent article, we’ve put together a checklist for the process of buying a rental property, the process of screening your renters, and … Continued

The Eviction Process – Do’s and Don’ts in San Antonio

As a landlord, you’ll probably have to deal with the eviction process someday. It’s never fun, for the tenant or you. However, there are ways to prepare, so you are able to make things move as easily as possible. Here’s some do’s and don’ts to help you better navigate the process. What You Should Do: … Continued

Why You Should Diversify in San Antonio

Investments come in all sizes and shapes. The investors that see the most profit, boast a more diversified, and put-together portfolio. In this article, we’ll explain exactly why you should diversify and what you can do in order to get started! Why Should I Diversify? When you diversify your portfolio, real estate or otherwise, you’re … Continued

How to Manage Tenant Conflict in San Antonio

If you have a rental house, you’ll need to know how to handle and solve tenant conflicts. You may experience both conflicts with renters directly, and also have to mediate between renters if you own a multi-family property. Tension and fighting among neighbors will be stressful for all parties. It pays to be proactive in … Continued