The New Trend In San Antonio Home Sales: Rent To Own

Selling property utilizing a rent to own agreement is growing increasingly popular with homeowners in the San Antonio area! The process is underutilized and can be beneficial for both the seller and buyer when structured correctly. Learn more about how to do it in our most recent post!

Even though a rent to own sale may not be the very first thing you consider when selling your house in San Antonio, it can be a beneficial option in the right situations! If you would like to open the doorway to a whole new market of buyers, then think about the many benefits a rent to own agreement can offer you!

How Does It Work?

When a tenant or buyer enters into a rent to own agreement, they are agreeing to pay (an often higher) rent every month for a specified period of time. There’ll probably be a down payment made to the owner so as to secure the contract. Once the rent period has elapsed, the tenant will either need to obtain a loan to buy the property outright from the owner or walk away from the agreement, thus losing any deposit money they had invested.

Term of The Contract

When a homeowner and a tenant enter into a rent to own agreement, there are a number of terms which will have to be agreed upon before the contract is signed.

Lease Term

How long will the tenant be able to rent the property before purchasing? Normally, the rent to own period will last 1-2 years.

Down Payment

In many situations, a tenant will make a down payment to the homeowner to ensure the contract and to show good faith. Although this amount won’t be as much as the deposit for a conventional bank loan, it should be enough to keep the prospective buyer out of backing out easily.

Monthly Rent

To some extent, the seller is doing the buyer a favor by letting them rent before actually purchasing. While the procedure has many advantages for the seller, a rent to own agreement will open the door to home ownership for people that probably would not have been able to do it otherwise.


Typically, the tenant will handle most of the maintenance for the property during the rental period. This needs to be discussed between the buyer and seller and detailed within the contract.


The tenant will also probably take on the property tax obligations. This will alleviate a large expense for you as a homeowner.


With the deposit from the potential buyer and the increased rent every month, many agreements will state that a portion of the money will go towards the down payment to get a conventional loan.

What Are The Benefits?

Get Your Asking Price

When you utilize a rent to own contract to sell your home in San Antonio, you will open up the property for many more prospective buyers. As such, there’ll be more interest, giving you the ability to easily secure the asking price within the terms of the loan.

Higher Rent

Houses with a rent to own agreement often collect a higher rent every month. Though a number of these funds may be used toward the tenant’s down payment on the house, you will still have the ability to see great profits, as well as the security of having a renter in place throughout the duration of the lease term.


If the tenant defaults on the agreement, then the deposit and the amount paid in rent is yours to keep. You may be back where you started, but you’ll be there with much more cash in your pocket.

How Do I Get Started?

To begin you’ll want to find the right tenants to enter into the agreement with. Draw up a contract outlining each aspect of the agreement as stated above. Have your attorney review the contract to ensure everything is in order. Lone Star Real Estate Solutions, LLC can make the entire process of selling your property by means of a rent to own agreement easy and profitable.

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