How to Improve Tenant Retention in San Antonio

Anybody can become a landlord. However, not everybody understands how to find and keep quality renters. To help boost your total ROI, we’ve assembled a few suggestions to help improve tenant retention!

In the simplest terms, the more turnovers you’ve got, the more times your house will be empty. The more times your property sits empty, the less cash you earn. Using the strategies outlined below, you’ll have the ability to find high-quality tenants, that will rent from you for a long time to come!

What Do They Want to See Improved?

Learn what they wish to get repaired or updated. What attribute could you put in to make them say “Wow! I really love where I live!” You can start small, with some new landscaping out front or perhaps be so add as to bring a hot tub in the backyard. Make them feel as though they live in a house with competitive updates and special attributes they are not likely to find anywhere else.

Conjure the Golden Rule

If the roles were reversed, how would you wish to get treated? In all dealings, you always need to stay courteous and respectful. As you might technically own the property, it’s also the place somebody else calls home. Should you have to go to the property, phone beforehand. Should you have to schedule maintenance, make certain that it is conducive to their schedule in addition to yours.

Life Happens

If you’ve got a superb tenant, who’s never a day late on rent, treats the house as their own and who’s all around the perfect person to have in your house, be certain that you treat them as such. We’ve all been confronted with negative experiences. Layoffs, natural catastrophe, and unexpected life events can place a strain on finances. If rent is a couple of days late, consider waiving the late fee. Even provide a grace period until they’ve taken care of what they have to. But don’t fall prey to the renters that wish to walk all over you. If there’s a new excuse or dramatic event every month, make certain to stand your own ground. Impose overdue penalties and evict if needed!

Get Personal

You are going to want to present your tenant the impression as though they’re in a permanent residence, a location they could comfortably live eternally! To make them feel that this way, you’ll have to allow customization. Let tenants paint, add shelving and select fixtures as applicable. If the home needs a new refrigerator, allow them to select between the stainless or white versions. (Provided that they’re comparatively priced of course.)

Don’t Drag Your Feet Making Repairs

What might not seem like a huge deal to you, may seem like a massive deal to residents that are residing in the house. A leaky faucet might not take priority onto your own to-do list. However, to the individual trying to sleep while hearing it dripping in the bathroom, the repair can seem like life or death. Or in this instance, sleep or no sleep. Regardless of what the repair is, try to fix it as soon as humanly possible. Your tenant wants you to understand that their needs are important. Do not let problems go longer than they need to.

In the end, finding and keeping great tenants is the trick to success when making money from your rental property. By preventing turnovers, you’re eliminating expenses to record, show, fix and clean the house which comes along whenever a new tenant moves out. Keep that cash in your pocket!

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