How to Manage Tenant Conflict in San Antonio

If you have a rental house, you’ll need to know how to handle and solve tenant conflicts. You may experience both conflicts with renters directly, and also have to mediate between renters if you own a multi-family property. Tension and fighting among neighbors will be stressful for all parties. It pays to be proactive in resolving the matter straight away so it doesn’t escalate.

 Confrontation is not favored by the majority of people, so a quick solution is often welcomed. In our latest article, we discuss our best tips for solving tenant conflict so both you and your tenants can live peacefully. How to Manage Tenant Conflict in San Antonio

Plan Ahead

Conflicts are bound to arise, so plan ahead for them. Clearly, outline your tenant conflict resolution processes from the rental agreement or lease. Are there warnings issued? What financial penalties will be included? At what stage will eviction come in to play? The lease should also be as comprehensive as you can, so tenants will probably understand what is expected of them. What’s the pet policy? Parking? Who’s responsible for maintaining the lawn? Additionally, discuss how fast you will make repairs and how often things like pest control is going to be taken care of. Putting everything in white and black will leave little space for disagreements.

Know the Law

Ensure to fully know landlord-tenant laws. You need to fully grasp these laws so you don’t wind up in the wrong during a disagreement. Landlord-tenant laws vary state to state, but they will typically govern deposits, landlord accessibility, as well as the duties and obligations of both the landlord and renter. Provided that you’re abiding by the law 100%, then you won’t find yourself on the incorrect side of a dispute.

Be A Professional

During all conflicts, you should try to keep your cool and remain professional. People can become really upset if there is an issue with the property or with a different tenant. You have to remember, even though you own the property, it is also the place that they call home. Listen to the criticism, and if it’s valid, do everything you can to solve it in a timely manner. If the battle is between two tenants, then make certain that you get both sides of the story. Everybody’s voice has to be heard. If you can, have all parties meet face-to-face to peacefully air grievances and solve the issue. Do not take a side, instead meditate and hear what everybody has to say. As soon as you understand the whole story, you will have a better idea of how to handle the situation.

Keep Records of Everything

Write down every time there is communication between you and a tenant. Notice the time, date and what was discussed. If warnings are issued, make sure you have dated copies. When appropriate, send warning notices via certified mail to record that it’s been received. Keep tabs on text, telephone calls and attempted calls. Make sure that you are following all the proper procedures that fulfill the legal requirements where you live.

Eviction As the Worst Case Scenario

The eviction process is a nightmare. Not only for the renter, but many times for the landlord too. It is tedious, expensive and time-consuming. We highly advise using the eviction process as the “worst case scenario” option. The majority of the time, conflicts can be resolved peacefully. Work to understand your tenant’s needs, and keep the property in the condition you’d want to reside in. If the conflict is between two individuals, help them attempt to see one another’s side and find some common ground. Most people who’d be considered “bad tenants” should have been screened out from the beginning. Hopefully, you’ll have the ability to handle all tenant conflicts without resorting to eviction.

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