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If you’re looking into homes for rent by owner in San Antonio, you’re most likely thinking about renting… but have you considered renting to OWN? In this blog entry, we’ll share the step-by-step method to walk you through how everything works so you can choose if it’s right for you…

If you’re thinking about renting a house, you’re possibly focused on finding a place to rent that you can call your own… but often, renters would love to move up from a rental property into a home that they can own, they just may not be able to afford it.

This is where rent-to-own comes in. With renting, you pay for a place to live for whatever length of time that your rental agreement lasts. However, with rent to own, you rent a home for a while and then you purchase it out-right so that you own it… and you can even do this with poor credit!

Let’s begin with the advantages of why renters love it…

1. You can get into a house regardless of whether you have bad credit
2. You don’t have to have a large down payment
3. You can live in your forever dream home sooner, regardless of whether you can afford to buy it at this time

It’s no big surprise why people love rent to own!

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Here’s How It Works To Get Into Homes For Rent By Owner In San Antonio On A Rent-To-Own Basis

First, find homes for rent by owner in San Antonio.

Second, inquire about whether any of their houses are available for rent to own.

Third, review all of the available homes and pick the one that you’d like to purchase some day.

Fourth, sign the agreement, which means you’ll rent the house for a specified amount of time (usually a couple years) with the understanding that you’ll be buying it later.

Fifth, work on improving your credit score to improve your credit during that time.

Sixth, when your rental agreement comes to a close, use your improved credit score to apply for a home loan from a bank and then buy the house from the owner.

Yes, it truly is that easy and it’s a great way for renters to become homeowners.

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